Are You Certified?

If you have a certification in any Information Technology field, you are invited to write a review of your certification. Express your thoughts about the certification. Tell other people what you think of the certifications, how you got it and how it affected your career. Share your opinion with certification seekers. Certifications.Reviews invites you to write… Read More »

Paper: MANET Security: A Survey

ABSTRACT Mobile Ad hoc Networks are being adopted in more and more applications in our daily life. Mobile computing and mobile ad hoc networks in particular have become a daily need. As mobile ad hoc networks have been target for many attacks, the security of these networks has become an essential part of their existence.… Read More »

Book: Guide to OSI and TCP/IP Models

Provides a simplified introduction to computer networks Requires no prior background in the field Discusses the fundamentals of the network, transport and application layers This work opens with an accessible introduction to computer networks, providing general definitions of commonly used terms in networking. This is followed by a detailed description of the OSI model, including… Read More »