About Me

I am a university professor and an amateur Windows Phone app developer. I currently work as a Professor of Cybersecurity in Toronto, Canada.

I worked previously in Khawarizmi International College (UAE), Middle East College (Oman), Gulf University (Bahrain), ComputerMan College (currently Future University, in Sudan), Middle East Communications Corp. (Jordan), and a few other places in Iraq. I have also worked as a Cisco Academy Instructor as I have a few certifications from Cisco, Microsoft, and a few other companies.

In research, my major fields of interest are networking, and data and network security. A complete list of my publications can be found here.

In my free time I like to develop Windows Phone apps. You can find my apps on this link. I have stopped developing for Windows Phone..

My Google Publications Page

My DBLP Publications Page

My certifications:

Cloud Essentials | Server+ | Security+ | CySA+ | PenTest+ | CASP+
Azure AI Fundamentals | Azure Data Scientist Associate | MCP