How to export Gantt chart from MS-Project 2010

I am not a “MS-Project” expert of any kind. Its just that a lot of my students need this, so I thought I would put it on the web for them as well as anyone else. Without wasting more time, here are the steps:

1. Mark all the rows in the WBS in MS-Project by clicking on the numbers on the side and sliding the pointer to the last row of project tasks.


2. Click on the small arrow next to “Copy” in the toolbar.


3. Click on “Copy Picture” from the small drop-down menu.


4. In the new window that is shown do the following:

a. Select “To GIF image file”

b. Select the location and the file name

c. Select “Selected Rows”

d. Select the proper dates for the start and end of your project. It is very important to select the correct dates that are used in the list or your Gantt Chart would not be complete.

e. Click on “OK”.

The file is now saved and can be easily added to your Word document.