Edited books, or contributed volumes, are quite popular in the academic realm. Usually, the lead editor is an experienced scholar and one or more co-editors to handle the required work. Graduate students are usually hungry for this type of publication. Mostly because the required effort and time to produce a book chapter is less than that required to publish a paper in a good journal, and because the review process for book chapters is less rigorous in comparison to journal review.

A few days ago, I was looking for a “Call for Chapters” for one of my postgrad students who was complaining that he wasn’t able to find one within his specific area of research although he searched a lot. I spent a good couple of hours searching with no avail. Then, it hit me. We find a lot (and I mean aloooooot) of “Call for Papers” websites. But “Call for Chapters” websites are quite rare. So I thought, why not make one?

I know that most editors use wither their personal websites, or give in and use “Call for Papers” websites. But, as an editor as well, I understand how inconvenient that can be. Plus, it does not provide the required exposure to the appropriate audience of contributors.

So, I present to you A free platform presented to support the academic community. Editors can publish their calls for chapters here for free, and contributors can search and browse through the available calls. No signup, no account, no cost. Just fill up the submission form and it will get published within 48-72 hours. I’ll try my best to maintain this website and keep it running for a long long time. Please spread the word and share the page through social media to widest possible audience. Of course your feedback is very welcomed to make the site better and help it serve the purpose.