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لقد توقفت عن العمل ببرامج ويندوز فون – هذا التطبيق لم يعد متوفرا

I have stopped developing for Windows Phone – This app is no longer available

التقويم السعودي هو تطبيق لنظام ويندوز فون لعرض التقويم الهجري و القيام بالتحويل بين التواريخ الهجرية و الميلادية. يستخدم هذا التطبيق تقويم أم القرى للتحويل وهو التقويم الرسمي في المملكة العربية السعودية.

خصائص التطبيق

الواجهة المبسطة و المتوفرة باللغة العربية و الإنكليزية
إمكانية عرض تأريخ اليوم الهجري على شاشة القفل (إبتداءا من الإصدار الثاني)
خاصية الأيقونات الحية (لايف تايل) بالأحجام الثلاثة (إبتداءا من الإصدار الثاني)
خاصية عرض التقويمين الهجري و الميلادي بشكل متداخل لسهولة العرض
يوفر خاصية تحويل التواريخ الهجري إلى الميلادي و بالعكس
يوفر خاصية اللايف تايل ليقوم بعرض تأريخ اليوم على سطح المكتب
نطاق التحويل يبدأ من يوم الأول من شهر محرم سنة واحد هجرية ويمتد بشكل غير محدود

إمكانية التغيير اليدوي للتأريخ الهجري بزيادة و نقصان يومين.
و المزيد في الإصدارات القادمة إن شاء الله.

ملاحظة: التطبيق يستخدم تقويم أم القرى للسنوات الهجرية 1350-1500 و خارج هذا النطاق يتبنى التطبيق طريقة التحويل المستخدمة في مركز الدراسات الشرقية في جامعة زيورخ بسويسرا.

إذا كانت لديكم أي ملاحظات أو مقترحات، يرجى كتابتها هنا بشكل تعليق و سأقوم بالرد عليها في أقرب فرصة ممكنة.

Saudi Calendar is a Windows Phone application that displays Hijri calendar and performs Hijri-Gregorian date conversion using Hijrical.org online conversion service. This service uses Um-Alqura calendar for calculation which is the official calendar in Saudi Arabia.

The app has the following features:

  • easy it use interface with Arabic and English interface.
  • Ability to manually shift Hijri date ±2 days
  • support of showing todays hijri date on lockscreen.
  • support of all three sizes of live tiles.
  • Mixed calendar showing Hijri and Gregorian dates.
  • provides any-date Hijri-to-Gregorian and Gregorian to Hijri conversion
  • provides a live tile that is automatically updated to show today’s hijri date simply there on your phone’s desktop.
  • the conversion range starts from Muharram 1st, 1 Hijri and has no limit.
  • more features to come in the future.

Note: The app uses Um-Alqura Calendar for the Hijri years 1350-1500. Out of that range a mathematical conversion method used by the center of oriental studies in Zurich University was adopted.



  • v2.1 (July 16th, 2013)
  • Addign the ability to manually shift Hijri dates ±2 days.
  • v2.0 (Mar. 5th, 2013)
  • A completely re-written user interface.
  • The conversions and calendar calculations are done locally now so there is no need for Internet connection.
  • Support for showing today’s hijri date on the lockscreen.
  • Support for all three sizes of live tiles.
  • v1.1 (Jan. 3rd, 2013)
  • minor bug fixes
  • v1.0:  ( Dec 28th, 2012)
  • First Release


Privacy policy: By using versions 1 and 1.1 of this app, you are agreeing to the terms of use and privacy policy of Hijrical.org. Starting from version 2 there are no user data being collected whatsoever. All correspondence between app users and the developer are not to be disclosed to anyone else.

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App: Hijri


 Hijri for Windows Phone and Hijri Converter for Windows 8

* If you like Hijri for Windows phone, you might also like Saudi Calendar app (التقويم السعودي).

Hijri is a simple application that performs conversion between Hijri and Gregorian dates. It provides a simple interface to convert Hijri-to-Gregorian and Gregorian-to-Hijri dates.

Hijri (for Windows Phone):

In v1.1 a nice feature was added to the converter. This feature is a live tile that shows you today’s date in Hijri, and updates automatically.

The v1.0 of this application used the online service provided by IslamicFinder.org because of the high accuracy of the conversion on this site. Anyway, starting from v1.1, I have moved the service to my own private server so that the conversion is much faster now.

Starting from version 2.0, the conversion is being done using the open API conversion service provided by www.HijriCal.org. The conversion methods used by the HijriCal.org API are:

1. Um-Alqura Calendar (the official calendar of Saudi Arabia). This calendar provides conversion for Hijri dates from 1350 to 1500 hijri. The dates before or after that are converted using option 2.

2. The Hijri calculation method used by Center of Oriental Studies in Zurich University.

If you spot any bugs, please send me reports. Also if you have any suggestions for features to include in the next version, please feel free to contact me on   info (at) mohammedalani.com

Important Notes Regarding the live tile:

1. If you want to turn off the periodic automatic updating of the live tile, please do it from inside the applications. Do not turn the task off from the phone “Settings” menu as it would cause a conflict with the application settings.

2. If you turn off the auto-update of live tile, the live tile will be updated when you start the application.

3. In case you don’t see the date on the live tile, just wait for a few seconds, the tile will flip and show you the date on the back.

4. If you do not open the application for 14 days, the live tile will stop being updated. This is WP7 restriction, for all periodic tasks.



v2.0: (Expected Release date 1-1-2013)

* Move the conversion service to Hijrical.org.

v1.1: (Release date 25-2-2012)

* Added a live tile that shows today’s date in Hijri. This tile updates automatically, and you have the choice to enable and disable the automatic updates.

* Some UI improvements:

-Show number-only keyboard when entering day and year.

-Larger font for the month list.

* Change ads to AdMob

* Added checking for network connectivity to prevent irregular application closing.


Initial release of application on 26-01-2012.


Marketplace Link:



Hijri Converter (for Windows 8):

Extra -simple interface with online conversion for highest possible accuracy.



v1.0: (Expected Release date 12-12-2012)

* First app release.


Windows Store Link:

will be available on release.


Privacy Policy:

This application collects anonymous user stats to help improve the service provided. All data collected are anonymous and will be kept securely and not provided to any other entity.

By using this application, you are agree to this privacy policy and to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy of HijriCal.org as the main conversion service provider.