I have stopped developing for Windows Phone – This app is no longer available


PASSWORDER is a simple powerful application for Windows Phone 7 (WP7). This application generates passwords with very high randomness from CAPITAL LETTERS, small letters, numb3rs and symb()!s.

This application comes in two editions, PASSWORDER FREE (Free) and PASSWORDER PRO (paid).

Current version 1.0 1.0
  • Generate password from all capital letters, small letters, numbers, and passwords.
  • User-controlled password length. (4 to 100)
  • Uses 31 symbols used in MS Windows.
  • High Randomness in password generation.
  • Simple (one-tap) copy-to-clipboard feature to facilitate the use of password in browser or other applications.
  • Ad-supported
  • Generate passwords containing capital letters, small letters, numbers, and passwords.
  • Password Vault, to save all your passwords securely in the same easily-accessible place.
  • Integration of the generator and the vault to facilitate easy saving of generated passwords.
  • The user can control the letters, numbers, and symbols that participate in the password generation.
  • User-controlled password length. (4 to 100)
  • High Randomness in password generation.
  • User can eliminate the symbols that does not fit in his/her password requirements.
  • Simple (one-tap) copy-to-clipboard feature to facilitate the use of password in browser or other applications.
  • No Ads.
Next Version Features Waiting for your suggestions.
Price Free (Ad supported) USD 0.99


If you have any feature suggestions, bugs, anything to say about the apps, please feel free to contact me on info (at)

PassworderPro Changelog:

v1.1  Release Date: 10-Feb-2012

* Added the feature of a password vault. The user can save up to 1000 passwords along with descriptions of these passwords. This password vault is protected by a master password.

* Fixed some UI issues.

v1.0 Release Date: 17-Jan-2012

*First Version published.

App: Hijri


 Hijri for Windows Phone and Hijri Converter for Windows 8

* If you like Hijri for Windows phone, you might also like Saudi Calendar app (التقويم السعودي).

Hijri is a simple application that performs conversion between Hijri and Gregorian dates. It provides a simple interface to convert Hijri-to-Gregorian and Gregorian-to-Hijri dates.

Hijri (for Windows Phone):

In v1.1 a nice feature was added to the converter. This feature is a live tile that shows you today’s date in Hijri, and updates automatically.

The v1.0 of this application used the online service provided by because of the high accuracy of the conversion on this site. Anyway, starting from v1.1, I have moved the service to my own private server so that the conversion is much faster now.

Starting from version 2.0, the conversion is being done using the open API conversion service provided by The conversion methods used by the API are:

1. Um-Alqura Calendar (the official calendar of Saudi Arabia). This calendar provides conversion for Hijri dates from 1350 to 1500 hijri. The dates before or after that are converted using option 2.

2. The Hijri calculation method used by Center of Oriental Studies in Zurich University.

If you spot any bugs, please send me reports. Also if you have any suggestions for features to include in the next version, please feel free to contact me on   info (at)

Important Notes Regarding the live tile:

1. If you want to turn off the periodic automatic updating of the live tile, please do it from inside the applications. Do not turn the task off from the phone “Settings” menu as it would cause a conflict with the application settings.

2. If you turn off the auto-update of live tile, the live tile will be updated when you start the application.

3. In case you don’t see the date on the live tile, just wait for a few seconds, the tile will flip and show you the date on the back.

4. If you do not open the application for 14 days, the live tile will stop being updated. This is WP7 restriction, for all periodic tasks.



v2.0: (Expected Release date 1-1-2013)

* Move the conversion service to

v1.1: (Release date 25-2-2012)

* Added a live tile that shows today’s date in Hijri. This tile updates automatically, and you have the choice to enable and disable the automatic updates.

* Some UI improvements:

-Show number-only keyboard when entering day and year.

-Larger font for the month list.

* Change ads to AdMob

* Added checking for network connectivity to prevent irregular application closing.


Initial release of application on 26-01-2012.


Marketplace Link:


Hijri Converter (for Windows 8):

Extra -simple interface with online conversion for highest possible accuracy.



v1.0: (Expected Release date 12-12-2012)

* First app release.


Windows Store Link:

will be available on release.


Privacy Policy:

This application collects anonymous user stats to help improve the service provided. All data collected are anonymous and will be kept securely and not provided to any other entity.

By using this application, you are agree to this privacy policy and to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy of as the main conversion service provider.