App: ArEn Translator

I have stopped developing for Windows Phone – This app is no longer available   ArEn Translator is an application for Windows Phone 7 and 8 that performs translation from and to Arabic, English, French, Italian, and Spanish. The application uses the online translation service provided by Bing. Thus, the application requires a working internet… Read More »


I have stopped developing for Windows Phone – This app is no longer available   PASSWORDER is a simple powerful application for Windows Phone 7 (WP7). This application generates passwords with very high randomness from CAPITAL LETTERS, small letters, numb3rs and symb()!s. This application comes in two editions, PASSWORDER FREE (Free) and PASSWORDER PRO (paid).… Read More »

App: Hijri

 Hijri for Windows Phone and Hijri Converter for Windows 8 * If you like Hijri for Windows phone, you might also like Saudi Calendar app (التقويم السعودي). Hijri is a simple application that performs conversion between Hijri and Gregorian dates. It provides a simple interface to convert Hijri-to-Gregorian and Gregorian-to-Hijri dates. Hijri (for Windows Phone):… Read More »

Paper: Measuring the effect of AES encryption on VoWLAN QoS

ABSTRACT This paper focuses on the quality parameters of Voice over Wireless Local Area Network (VoWLAN) and how they are affected by the addition of end-to-end encryption using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) of 128-bits and 256-bits block sizes. An experimental setup was made to evaluate mean and maximum delay and jitter, and packet loss. These… Read More »

Paper: Testing Randomness in Ciphertext of Block-Ciphers Using DieHard Tests

ABSTRACT One of the important aspects of the security of block ciphers is the randomness of the cipher text. One criterion used to evaluate the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) candidate algorithms was their demonstrated suitability as random number generators. In this paper, we introduced a new approach to interpret the results of tests of randomness.… Read More »

Paper: DES96 – Improved DES Security

ABSTRACT The Data Encryption Standard (DES) has shown noticeable signs of aging during the last two decades. In this paper we develop a system that is a DES-variant with more resistance towards the possible attacks against DES. The developed system has a sub-key generation algorithm that is completely different from the original DES. The developed… Read More »